Architect Africa Online was born in a tiny office in Admiral's Court, Rosebank, in late 1994. It replaced the BBS of the same name which had been running since the eighties. It was commercialized in 1999. Over the last twenty five years it has grown from a twenty page HTML site to a complex platform with hundreds of thousands of pages, millions of users and a multiplicity of outlets.

In 2018 Architect Africa Online was acquired by Apex Information Systems (Pty) Ltd, a South African ITC company based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. With this acquisition came the need to transition the website to serve the needs of the modern day architect which are fundamentally different from those of architects in the 90's. Back then it was difficult to find published content of relevance to architecture and architects in Africa; today the opposite is true - there is so much relevant published content that it is becoming increasingly difficult to order and process the information available.

The same can be said of the technology available to web publishers. In the early days of the Net there were precious few options available to publishers with more time being spent writing code than writing content - today you can launch your own publishing empire with nothing more than an Internet connection and an hour of your time.

Architect Africa's new format ditches the past and looks into the future. By the end of June 2019, when all new systems come into effect, all content published prior to 1 April 2019 will be removed from the Web and fed to Alex, our resident AI processor, who will predict the future by consuming the past. We look forward to publishing Alex's pearls of wisdom when they become available.

Many of the features, streams and feeds which have been running for years have been shut down. All subscription services have been terminated.

Architect Africa 3.0 now has a streamlined format with only five menu options; Home, Journal, Magazine, News and Shop.


Home is home to our AATV broadcasting screen as well as pointers to current highlights and headlines. AATV is currently in its infancy but visitors might chance upon the odd live broadcast now and again. This sector is where the Architect Africa team will be focusing its energy and resources over the next decade. The technology is in place and content development plans have been initiated. We expect to be broadcasting live on a sustained basis from mid 2020.


The Architect Africa Journal aims to publish the ideas, views and opinions of architects in Africa. Architects are fond of verbally expressing their opinions and they do it frequently and eloquently, but getting them to put these same opinions in writing is a thankless and unrewarding task. All the same, we invite all architects in Africa to express their views through this medium should they feel the need to have their opinions exposed to a large educated audience.


The Architect Africa Magazine is designed as a current affairs platform for the built environment industries and professions in South Africa and neighbouring SADEC countries which may be associated with the South African economy in one way or another. It is the perfect place to showcase your skills, services and products to a targeted and receptive audience.


The Architect Africa Newsdesk is a thing of beauty... our real time news engine trawls the Net non stop to find the latest and finest items from the architectural web and presents them in a easy to read and digest format - saving you hundreds of wasted googly hours every year. By simply scanning through the headlines you will always be informed and if you follow the links to source you will always be well informed. Either way, you win.


The Architect Africa Shop is an outlet for digital products associated with the architectural profession in Africa. This is destined to become one of the site's greatest attractions over the coming decades and many architects will make a living from it. At the moment it hosts products from the pioneers of online continuing professional education, GreenED. Watch this space - amazing things will happen here. And no, there will be no merchandise - no coffee cups and no apparel...

We trust that you approve of the new layout and direction and look forward to your continued support.

Pedro Buccellato

Johannesburg, 2 April 2019