Trimo International Competition for Students of Architecture and Design

The Trimo International Competition for students of architecture and design works to encourage aspiring designers of urban space toward a bolder, more ambitious approach to and understanding of architecture; and to unite them in the ongoing search for the creative expression and transformation of the urban environment using cutting-edge materials and structural solutions. The competition ventures beyond the realm of theory by revealing the innovativeness, flexibility and effectiveness of Trimo products and solutions, by making a permanent execution of the best project in practice.

The current creative task challenges the participants to design »The Life Stand« - a public architectural installation for Nove Fužine, a specific residential neighborhood in Ljubljana using Trimo materials. This installation should revive this neighborhood and at the same time offer an answer to complex architectural and social questions common to many European urban residential areas. The winning solution will be realised on location in summer 2011. Learn how to participate as a student or as a faculty.

The current 2010 / 2011 competition is the third consecutive competition exploring and celebrating creativity and innovation, and will bring together the largest number of students and universities so far. See the previous competitions.

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