TECTÓNICA - Successful Transition to Web Achieved


In 2014, the journal of Architecture and Construction, TECTÓNICA, bravely reinvented itself as an exclusively digital publication. It was a gamble, but in the end it was well worth the risk. During the first months of 2014 the new publication, tectonica-online, consolidated its image and its reputation as a tool for architects and construction professionals.

tectonica-online is a technical website, featuring specific construction solutions, and its users are generally working architects or other construction professionals directly involved in decision making for building projects. (Language: English and Spanish).

In 2014, more than 100 products were added to the tectonica-online section featuring products and details, which already included almost 3000 product descriptions (selected and presented by the editors, not as paid publicity). New products are presented under highlighted topics –last December's featured products are related to Accessibility–, or as products of interest due to their technological innovation.

The section devoted to built projects includes more than thirty projects, each complete with a construction analysis using axonometric drawings with links directly to the products section.

In the section devoted to articles, the essay titled “Fire safety and architecture” is the thirteenth in the series of general studies that are included in the website to help understand the changes in construction technology that stimulate today’s architecture.