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27.10.2016 South Africa Slow growth and shrinking revenues limit South Africa's finance minister 0.1 +91
12.10.2016 South Africa Why South Africa faces a train smash if its finance minister is removed 0.1 +92
19.11.2016 South Africa Decisive action needed to steer SA from despair to hope 0.0 +94
14.07.2016 Nigeria Naira falls to 360 against the dollar despite adoption of a floating exchange rate 0.1 +111
30.10.2016 South Africa Root causes of limp economic growth in South Africa are not being tackled 0.2 +115
13.09.2016 South Africa Will the ANC turn South Africa into a developmental welfare state? 0.0 +119
14.09.2016 South Africa Reserve Bank independence: sobering lessons from India and South Africa 0.1 +127
06.05.2016 Nigeria Here’s what we know about the budget that has finally been signed into law by President Buhari 0.0 +129
27.06.2016 Nigeria Nigeria: Artisans, repairmen and handymen increase their charges by as much as 60 percent 0.1 +130
31.08.2016 Africa Africa stands to benefit from new trade deals and, possibly, from Brexit 0.1 +130
11.09.2016 South Africa Business needs to change, and stop blaming others for South Africa's ills 0.4 +131
21.07.2016 South Africa Repo Rate stays at 7%, economy still fragile 0.0 +135
01.08.2016 Nigeria Official Alert: President Buhari is semi-secretly making arrangements with IMF to approve his policies 0.0 +135
03.06.2016 Botswana Economic downturn forces KFC to shut down operations in Botswana 0.0 +140
19.06.2016 Zimbabwe Multi-currencies for RTGS payments as government enacts another bandage solution for cash crisis 0.1 +140