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03.04.2017 South Africa South Africa's Credit Rating demoted to Junk Status 0.0 +138
14.04.2017 South Africa My ‘Junk’ leadership, my ‘Junk’ Country! 0.1 +139
06.03.2017 South Africa South Africa needs to be creative to avoid falling off the retirement cliff 0.0 +140
20.04.2017 South Africa Team Zuma vs The Banks: The GCIS is the newest distribution platform 0.0 +141
01.04.2017 South Africa Finance Minister Gordhan replaced at a time of Weak Growth 0.0 +141
13.04.2017 South Africa Radical economic transformation: Padlock to poverty or key to prosperity? 0.2 +145
23.03.2017 South Africa The ANC isn't ready to radically transform the South African economy 0.0 +151
30.03.2017 Africa The 'fourth industrial revolution': potential and risks for Africa 0.0 +169
11.04.2017 South Africa Junk status not good for Africa's overall growth 0.2 +170
06.04.2017 South Africa Downgrade: a wake-up call for South Africa to revisit key economic policies 0.1 +181
31.03.2017 South Africa Firing of South Africa's finance minister puts the public purse in Zuma's hands 0.0 +182
17.04.2017 South Africa The markets can stomach a captured Treasury but South Africa's poor will suffer 0.0 +183
20.02.2017 South Africa Explainer: the nitty-gritty of South Africa's annual budget 0.2 +184
31.03.2017 South Africa Stakes for South Africa's democracy are high as Zuma plunges the knife 0.1 +190
07.03.2017 South Africa South Africa's GDP contracts in fourth quarter: Stats SA 0.0 +190