South Africa : Software Freedom Day 2013

Dr Richard Stallman, founder and president the Free Software Foundation is returning to South Africa at the end of August to deliver keynote addresses at various Free Software Day events in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Thirty years ago this September Dr Stallman initiated the GNU Project which introduced the concept that computer operating systems and the software which they run should be founded on Freedom; the freedom to run the program for any purpose, the freedom to access the source code and change it, the freedom to share the software with others and the freedom to improve the software so others can benefit from the improvements. In the following ten years Stallman was able to assemble a completely free operating system, which he called GNU, but which had a crucial part missing; the kernel. In 1993 a Swedish programmer called Linus Trovalds produced a functional kernel (Linux) and opened the floodgates to free software development.

GNU/Linux systems (incorrectly termed "Linux" systems) freed the world from the controlling global monopolies and state security apparati.  The Internet today would be a very different place were it not for Dr Stallman and the GNU project. Architects, and countless millions of other professional around the globe, are able to conduct their businesses in complete freedom (if they so choose) thanks to one man's lifetime dedication to a noble cause.

In the coming weeks South Africans will once again be able to see and hear Dr Stallman at numerous Software Freedom Day events organised by the South African Software Freedom movement.  Check for dates here and be there....

Dr Richard Stallman's first visit to South Africa in 2000 was organised, financed and promoted by the Architects Collective.

PS - If you still do not understand the magnitude of Dr Stallman's work you may want to read this article posted today: Leaked documents from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) indicate that the organization has become suspicious of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology built into an increasing number of Windows 8 PCs and tablet

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