Publish on the Architect Africa Network

The Architect Africa Network exists to keep Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Planners and other Building Professionals informed of all contextual information relating to the African Built Environment. It is also very useful to Organisations, Researchers, Academics and Decision Makers.

The Architect Africa Network has been informing African Built Environment Professionals since January of 2000; sixteen years of unbroken quality service. With millions of page views monthly and tens of thousands of regular users and subscribers, the Architect Africa Network offers the African Built Environment Professions, Industries and Services Sector a uniquely powerful and efficient channel of communication to all parties.

In today's digitally connected world it is as important to produce news and information as it is to receive it. To quote the (in)famous Donald Trump; "If you don't tell people how great you are, how are they going to know it?"

If your practice or company has news or information which is of interest or use to African Built Environment Professions, Organisations, Industries or Clients you may consider the benefits of publishing on the Architect Africa Network. It is easy, simple and completely free of any charges or obligations.

You can send your press release, video link, RSS feed or website link to the address below or use the contact form available here. Our Editors will review your submission and publish it on the most appropriate location on the Architect Africa Network - subject to its content meeting the Architect Africa Network Publishing Policy.