Zimbabwe : Zimbabwe on the brink of massive medical emergency, MSF

South Africa : Zimbabwe on the brink of massive medical emergency, MSF -

Harare - The cholera outbreak that has killed more than 3 000 people since last August in Zimbabwe, is the tip of a massive medical emergency that is spiralling out of control on the back of a collapsed public health system, says Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF).

MSF, which has treated almost 45 000 people or about 75 percent of total cholera cases to date, urged Zimbabwe's fledgling unity government to lift barriers on aid workers helping combat cholera and called on the international community to support efforts to stem the epidemic.

The group provides emergency medical assistance to populations in danger across the world said Zimbabwe's once-lauded health system had imploded over the past decade of political and economic turmoil.

The MSF said the collapse of public health was not just affecting cholera patients but all the sick in Zimbabwe, which is also grappling with acute food shortages, hyperinflation and a burgeoning HIV and AIDS epidemic, amid deepening poverty.

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