Leading change: Delivering the New Urban Agenda through Urban and Territorial Planning



We are very pleased to present Leading Change:  Delivering   the   New   Urban   Agenda   through Urban   and   Territorial   Planning,   an   insightful   analysis of UN-Habitat’s Guidelines for Urban and Territorial  Planning.  The  revival  of  planning  as  a key  instrument  of  sustainable  urbanisation,  and  indeed,  sustainable  development  as  such,  has  been a journey of over a decade, spearheaded by UN-Habitat but in close collaboration with several partners. What began in 2005 as a series of ad-hoc flyers documenting UN-Habitat’s various activities related to urban planning, has culminated in urban planning  and  design  becoming  fundamental  to  the agency’s work, an important piece of SDG 11, and  central  to  the  New  Urban  Agenda,  agreed  by member states at the Habitat III Conference in Quito in October 2016.

A key step in this journey was the adoption of the International  Guidelines  on  Urban  and  Territorial  Planning  by  the  UN-Habitat  Governing  Council  in  April  2015.  The  Guidelines  were  developed  through    an    extensive    participatory   process    involving representatives of national governments, local authorities, professional associations and civil society, who contributed their time and expertise though  a  series  of  Expert  Group  Meetings  over  a  period  of  two  years.  Alongside  UN-Habitat,  the   Expert   Group   was   actively   supported   by   the  International  Society  of  City  and  Regional  Planners  (ISOCARP)  and  United  Cities  and  Local  Governments  (UCLG),  representing  professionals  and local authorities respectively.

This  publication  is  an  attempt  to  unpack  the  essential  principles  and  ideas  that  underpin  the  Guidelines.    Along  with  urban  economy  and  legislation,  urban  planning  remains  one  of  the  three fundamentals of urbanisation as enshrined in the New Urban Agenda.

Supported  by  SALGA  and  the  Department  of  Human    Settlements,    Government    of    South    Africa,  Leading  Change  is  an  excellent  addition  to  the  suite  of  knowledge  products  focused  on  urban  planning  and  design  being  developed  by  UN-Habitat  and  its  partners,  to  build  a  better  understanding  of  the  Guidelines  and  support  their  implementation.  We  hope  that  this  book  will help national governments, local and regional authorities   and   their   networks,   professional   
associations, and civil society networks, across the globe, to engage with planning and use it as tool to deliver sustainable, inclusive, resilient and safe cities and human settlements.


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