Rubbish Containers Provided for Matola

Maputo — Mozambique's National Sustainable Development Fund (FNDS) on Monday delivered 35 containers to the southern city of Matola to support the municipality's environmental management programme.

The delivery of the containers was part of the celebrations of the 46th anniversary of Matola's elevation to the status of a city.

Speaking at the ceremony, the director of the FNDS, Leia Bila, said the grant consists of ten metallic containers each with a capacity of six cubic metres, ten plastic containers with a capacity of 700 metres, and 15 two wheeler plastic containers with a capacity of 210 litres each.

Bila said that the shortage of garbage containers in the city has obliged residents to leave their trash in appropriate places, which makes garbage collection difficult. She said this initiative will help improve urban sanitation and thus living conditions in Matola.

She added that the FNDS is also prioritising the recycling of solid waste. A landfill will be built in the Matola neighbourhood of Matlemele, where waste will not just be dumped but will also be recycled.