Another City Needed to Stem Rural-Urban Migration

By Lahja Nashuuta

Windhoek — Namibia should think about developing a second commercial city in an area where there is an abundance of water to supply 'wet' industries, which could in return create both skilled and unskilled jobs, in order to stop migration of people to Windhoek. Political analysts feel such a development could decongest Windhoek that has in recent years seen an upsurge in slum dwellers and the proliferation of shacks.

Windhoek has experienced significant rural-urban migration in recent years as people continue to migrate from different regions to Windhoek in order to further their education and look for employment prospects that elude them in rural areas.

According to the Population Projections Report from the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA), the City of Windhoek's population was expected to have increased to 431,000 last year from the 342,000 recorded in 2011.