Architects' Collective Student Union: Architecture for the Masses

Architects' Collective Student Union: Architecture for the Masses - The age of elitism is all but over. Knowledge is fast becoming one of the more accessible and desired resources available to man; this is evidenced by the presence of students from every socio-economic and cultural profile under the sun in tertiary institutions around the world. As this becomes the norm, the hope is that said institutions grow with society, embracing the diversity this growth brings and developing a level ground on which each and every one of these students can perform.Tertiary life is highly competitive; we compete with each other from the beginning of the application process until the day we walk out with our degree. It is therefore crucial that the students are given a level playing ground to work on.We cannot expect our institutions to provide everything we require, to some extent the responsibility lies with the student body to look after their own. Over the next few weeks I will be looking into ways that we the students can provide for ourselves, supporting not just the individual or even the institution, but the student body as a whole.This discussion is open to suggestions, email WEEK: Architecture for the Masses - Funding [The Collective]