REMINDER: WA Awards deadline is close, did you submit your projects?

Since the announcement of the results of the 1st Cycle of WA Community 20+10+X Architecture Awards, submissions for 2nd cycle have been accelerated. This is a reminder to attract your attention to the deadline: last two weeks Please apply to get selected as one of the awarded WA Community architects and let your work be appreciated by the whole world!

Whether you are an international firm or a student with unrealized projects; it is the ideas; intentions and courage to shape the future of architecture that is awarded. Be aware that time is getting shorter to present how you contribute to the world architecture. WA invites any format. Build, not realized, graduation project or any conceptual statement. Recent projects will have more chances to be shortlisted for the WA Awards, since WA is trying to present most recent statements that architects all around the world offer. Please submit your building to refresh our faith and foster conversations in Architecture.

Even if you are not active in this field or just not interested in submitting your projects, we are happy to invite you to enjoy contemporary trends in architecture by using our RATING MACHINE to scan quickly the latest citations for the 2nd Cycle.

Remember that 10 projects of every 20+10+X cycle, is selected by your ratings.

You don't even have to register. Just visit the WA Portal (, click one of the recent citations and begin to use the RATING MACHINE by rating or skipping each project and see all the remarkable entries that represent a considerable selection of recent "architectural imagination" and choose the best of contemporary architecture from around the world.

Participate in shaping the trends of the future with an easy and rapid (almost a playful) experience. Hundreds of projects from all over the world are waiting for your rating.