Pupils Enjoy Lessons in Classrooms Without Walls

By Nomhle Kangootui

PUPILS at the Munganya Junior Primary School listen attentively to their teacher during a lesson on nouns.

The school is at the Munganya village under the Shinyungwe circuit, about 140 kilometres from Rundu. They do not seem to care that their 'classroom' has no walls and that the blackboard is hung on a tree. The furniture consists of a few desks and chairs where the pupils sit close to each other. The 'classroom' is next to the busy Rundu-Katima Mulilo road.

Nickolas Sinonge teaches Grade 3 and Grade 4. The pupils sit in one class. There are 15 Grade 3 and 12 Grade 4 pupils in his class. After the lesson, the teacher assigns the pupils some written work.

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