RC Calls for Talks As Demolitions Loom

By Janeth Joseph

Moshi — The Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Ms Anna Mghwira, has directed the Moshi Municipal Director to hold talks with Railway Asset Holding Company (Rahco) over demolition of houses at Pasua.

Rahco has marked over 90 houses in the area including the Serengeti Breweries Ltd (SBL) depot for demolition because they have been constructed in the railway reserve. However, the owners of the houses claim that they did not invade the area, disclosing the Moshi Municipal Council allocated the plots to them between 2005 and 2010 after the municipality changed the land use.

They claimed further that the process of changing the use of the land, which was in 1960's earmarked for industrial use, was blessed by the ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development.

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