A Re Sebetseng - Building a Cleaner and Better Joburg Together

By Herman Mashaba

If we are to turn Johannesburg as a whole into a city that works, we must start with ourselves. We must take ownership of our city. We will achieve this when we start in our streets, and keep our communities clean by working together.

One of the first things I notice wherever I travel is the cleanliness of a place; it's one of the first things any traveller notices really.

When I visited Kigali in 2015, I was struck by how this city proudly defied clichéd stereotypes regarding the grime of African cities and boasted a level of cleanliness I had last witnessed in Singapore 30 years earlier.

I've engaged in countless conversations about clean cities for years, always intrigued at peoples' perceptions as to who should take responsibility for waste management; why some communities live seemingly unaware of the dangers of poor waste management; why others clean up fastidiously; and why others believe it's the local administration's problem.

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