The ideal house plan for a hilly area

By Derrick Wandera

Despite the costs that it may come with, building in a hilly place is an exciting venture. Although it comes with a number of technicalities, the end result will be a beautiful house with a view to behold. It is a growing trend among those who want to build apartments, guest houses and rest homes.

Suitable house plan

When Dan Katumba, a businessman decided to put his land in the highlands of Kigezi to use, he opted for rental apartments (flats) ahead of bungalows. Most engineers he consulted emphasised the good use of building materials.

“Because of this, my apartments have stood the test of time despite the hilly land they sit on. Even when the weather changes, they still stand strong,” says Katumba.

“Most houses can be built on a hill as long as one employs professional engineers,” advises Paul Tiboti, a civil engineer.

In this case it is important that the design team work together. “You need a surveyor to look at how adulating the hill is, an architect to come up with the plan, a structural engineer to ensure the house is strong and a geotechnical engineer to fulfill the plan,” advises Tiboti.