Kenyan Construction Industry Players Seek Laws to Govern the Sector

By JOSEPH MURAYA, NAIROBI - The Association of Construction Managers of Kenya has called on the National and County Governments to enact laws that will bring on board an independent construction project manager in all developments.

In a statement read by the association Chairperson Nashon Okowa on Saturday, they pointed out that the move will streamline the industry which they complain that it has been infiltrated by quacks who masquerade as building consultants.

“There is despicable lack of construction oversight and regulations by responsible organs,” he lamented.

“Kenya as a country stands to lose from potential investors if responsible institutions fail to perform their role in ensuring that the necessary building by-laws and construction regulations are adhered to. These bodies need to realize that it is not enough to have laws but it is much more important that they are put in practice.”