South Africa Calls for Help to Fight Housing Corruption

Pretoria – The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality has called on residents to help clamp down on people selling low cost houses illegally.

The municipality says this reverses progress made in addressing the area’s housing challenge.

The municipality has received information of people who are using the municipality’s letterheads and stamps to illegally sell houses to unsuspecting victims and then come back to evict them in the name of the council.

These individuals are said to also target child-headed households and senior citizens, evicting them illegally in order to sell their properties to other people.

“We do not sell houses, we work with the waiting list of people who are approved beneficiaries and anyone who attempts to sell you a house, it is corruption and you must report them to the police immediately,” said Municipality’s Member of the Mayoral Committee on Housing Councillor Vivian Chauke.

She added that the municipality had placed recognised structures to deal with waiting lists and allocation of houses but people allow themselves to be misled by other unknown structures or persons.

Council officials will in the next few weeks be visiting houses to check for legitimate title deeds.

- BuaNews