FAEO to Benefit African Engineers - Sehu


By Usman Bello, Benin

Benin — Engr. Mustapha Balarabe Shehu, is the President of Federation of African Engineering Organization (FAEO), the umbrella body of engineering societies from almost all the African countries. In this interview, he traces the origin of FAEO and the stake for Nigeria. Excerpts:

How did FAEO came into being?

Well actually FAEO is not a new organization; it was initially established as far back as 1972 in Cairo. The essence of getting it established is to have an African engineering voice to represent African engineering institutions internationally, at that time it was known as Federation of African Organization of Engineers FAOE, but with time it was made to have international membership with WFEO World Federation of Engineering Organizations, the world body of engineering comprising world engineering institutions all over the world with headquarters in Paris.

Somehow with the passage of time there was a period of inactivity on the part of the federation for a long time and of course nature abhors vacuum. There were some challenges that the inactivity brought like another organization cropped up from the South African region which they called African Engineering Forum AEF promoted by South Africa. This AEF started getting some recognition and at a time given observer status at the WFEO.

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