Zimbabwe's tourist arrivals rise


Minister of Tourism, Walter Mzembi

ZIMBABWE recorded a 16 percent rise in tourist arrivals during the first quarter of the year to 450 572, after registering 387 557 during the same time last year, according to the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA).

A statement released on Monday indicated that all of the major source markets reported growth in arrivals, except the Oceania region.

The African region, which had emerged as the biggest source market since 2000, reported an 11 percent rise in arrivals during the period to 380 790 from 343 644 at the same time in 2015, the report said, noting that most African source markets saw arrivals rising, except for South Africa, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Tanzania.

“South Africa and DRC fell marginally by two percent, and four percent respectively, whilst Zambia and Tanzania fell substantially by 16 percent and 20 percent respectively,” the ZTA said.

“European arrivals into Zimbabwe rose by 28 percent to 27 433 from 21 496 in 2015.

The major European countries (Benelux, France, Germany) Spain, Austria) recorded increases except for Britain and Ireland which fell by 10 percent.

The fringe European markets also registered decreases, Portugal 30 percent, Switzerland 21 percent, Nordic countries 14 percent and Italy 10 percent. Tourist arrivals from the Americas increased by 120 percent in the first quarter of 2016 which had 22 620 compared to 10 294 arrivals in 2014. This impressive growth was buoyed by the United States, Zimbabwe’s biggest market in this region. Visitors from the United States rose by a massive 117 percent to 19 475 in 2016 compared to 8 972 in 2015.

The report also indicated that arrivals from Asia increased by 157 percent to 14 004 in 2016 from 5 441 in 2015.

“The Asian region followed the growth pattern of the Americas, wherein all major markets grew significantly, except for Pakistan which fell by 53,” said the ZTA.

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