South Africa invests R1 trillion in infrastructure

Pretoria - By the end of 2014, government had spent R1 trillion in developing infrastructure in the country, says Deputy Minister in the Presidency responsible for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, Buti Manamela.

Speaking at the Youth Infrastructure Development 2016 Conference, in Durban, he said government understands that without sufficient and well-maintained infrastructure, the country’s development ambitions will not be realised.

“We are transforming the economy, directing national growth and driving job creation by implementing a long-term, government-led infrastructure development and investment programme,” Deputy Minister Manamela said on Friday.

He said through infrastructure development, government is laying the foundation for growth and decent work for all South Africans.

Infrastructure development and investment is a key priority of the National Development Plan as it highlights the importance of infrastructure investment in meeting the social and economic objectives of the country.

Deputy Minister Manamela said government will continue to create an enabling environment for youth development.

“We expect young people and youth organisations to develop these opportunities and turn them into gold. Young people must not depend on the charity of government.

“Instead they must be resources for their country, working with government as partners to create opportunity,” he said.

National Youth Policy 2020

Government has developed the National Youth Policy 2020 (NYP 2020) to drive its youth development response.

“Through the NYP 2020, we will improve public employment schemes such as the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), Youth Brigades and the Community Works Programmes.

“These programmes provide an important social safety net for young people whilst improving their employability, skills development and getting them on the first rung of the empowerment ladder,” he said.

Through the NYP 2020, government will scale up public internships with the creation of 60 000 internship opportunities.

The policy will also drive a mass youth entrepreneurship programme encouraging youth to become entrepreneurs.

“We are creating a value chain of entrepreneurship across the spectrum from start up to black industrialists,” Deputy Minister Manamela said.