Life returning to normal in Mozambique after lethal riots

Maputo - Life has begun to return to normal in Mozambique after serious rioting hit the cities of Maputo and Matola recently.

Unrest also took place on a smaller scale in Beira and Chimoio. The death toll stands at 13, with more than 150 people injured.

Schools reopened Monday after a three-day closure, and in central Maputo, traffic was flowing normally. Shops and banks opened at the usual time, and the privately owned minibuses known as "chapas" were back in full service.

According to media reports, the government has ordered troops to support the police in their patrols of the city, particularly at the key points of the unrest.

These include public transport terminals and city markets. Soldiers have also helped in the clean-up operations, removing the remains of the barricades thrown up by the rioters.
The number of people arrested in connection with the riots has risen to 150, following the detention of eight individuals involved in attempts on 3 September to set up barricades of burning tyres in parts of Matola.

Rioting and looting on 3 September in the central city of Chimoio led to the destruction of 160 stalls in the Francisco Manyanga informal market.

The spokesperson for the Manica Provincial Police Command, Belmiro Mutatiwa, said police were continuing to make arrests as they looked for the ringleaders of the disturbances.

Meanwhile, police have arrested six people in Nampula city, accusing them of mobilising people for demonstrations against food price rises. However, the detainees claim that they were simply planning a meeting to elect a local official of the main opposition party, Renamo.

- BuaNews-NNN