Rwanda Looks to High-Rise Building to Ease Urban Housing Challenge

Francis Byaruhanga

Maryamungu examines the lock that just been fixed on his new house’s door. With a smile on his face, he checks out the windowpanes and beckons one of the workers putting final touches on the commercial property in the heart of Nyamirambo, a city suburb.

The businessman says the one-storey building has all the modern facilities. Maryamungu, and many other developers, may soon find it hard to build such properties following implementation of a new national urban housing policy that makes it mandatory for people to build high-rise structures in certain parts of the city.

Rwanda Housing Authority, the sector regulator, says the new policy seeks to ensure optimal land use in the city and provincial satellite cities, among others. The new policy seems to be a response to the high rate of urbanisation and land shortage.