EcoCash eases the Cash Crisis, connects all Total Fuel Stations nationwide


EcoCash mobile financial service, leads the way in “electronic payments”, alleviates the cash shortage pressures affecting Zimbabwe’s fuel industry, by partnering with Total Service Stations, nationwide. Enabling all EcoCash wallet users to pay for their fuel, other goods and services

ECOCASH on Thursday announced a partnership with Total Zimbabwe which will enable customers to use EcoCash to pay for fuel and other services at service stations across Zimbabwe.
The partnership is part a strategy to promote the use of EcoCash as a preferred method of payment in light of the current cash crisis. EcoCash is leading the adoption of cashless society in Zimbabwe so that people do not have to carry cash or use cash to pay for goods and services.
Douglas Mboweni, chief executive of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, says the partnership with Total is one of several that EcoCash has or is negotiating with local companies who also see the benefit of using EcoCash.
The development comes barely a month after EcoCash removed all transaction fees on merchant payments to subscribers, in a drive towards accelerating the adoption of cashless payments through the mobile wallet. It is for the first time in Zimbabwe that merchant payments have been zero-rated.
“Although, EcoCash has also been affected by the general cash shortages locally, the challenges provide clear benefits of switching to mobile and card-based transactions,” says Mboweni. “Through our competitive advantage in innovation and readily available infrastructure, EcoCash is well poised to respond to the cash challenges, and we are seeing a rise in electronic payments. As a result, we are actively promoting the use of EcoCash wallet and cards for purchases through strategic partnerships. Total Zimbabwe is the latest addition to the suite of partnerships, which will continue to grow.”
Econet General Manager for EcoCash Natalie Jabangwe-Morris says: “The cash crisis has once again demonstrated the importance of EcoCash as the increasingly preferred mode of payment for goods and services in Zimbabwe. In view of the recent developments, we have embarked on a free merchant payments campaign to raise further awareness in the market of why EcoCash will remain the viable primary payment option during this cash crunch and the future ahead. In partnering with Total Zimbabwe, EcoCash is playing its role to complement national efforts to ease the cash crisis.”
Naturally, because of the cash shortage EcoCash transaction volumes will be affected, with a few agents feeling the pressure. EcoCash is providing all necessary support to ensure that customers will continue to enjoy all benefits of the safe and secure ecosystem.

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