Zim targeting top 100 ease of doing business rankings

Emmerson Mnangagwa

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa

GOVERNMENT is in the process of setting up E-government platforms in order to re-engineer and modernise the public sector systems and processes to improve access, efficiency and affordable services to the people using ICT’s.

In his keynote address at the Office of the President Ease of Doing Business symposium, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said it is hoped that such measures will greatly facilitate the registration of those entrepreneurs operating in the informal sector who may have been previously intimidated by the raft policies and procedures.

“We believe that the formalization will enable small business to benefit from loans, access to tenders and will also enable payment of taxes, as government we are convinced that a plethora of benefits can accrue from locating ICTs as an anchor in the ease of doing business reforms,” he said.

Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe needed to increase the momentum of reforms to ensure that all bottlenecks hampering the country from becoming a business hub are removed

“For at the end of the day we need to remember that capital goes where the environment is favorable, so we need to do everything in our means to be a destination of first choice for capital. It therefore requires all Zimbabweans to formulate and implement strategies that bring tangible and practical results to the entire reform process”.

He added that government fully recognizes that the ease with which the entrepreneurs can do business will significantly contribute to the growth of the economy adding that an empowered entrepreneur will in turn be a good partner for foreign investors.

“In pursuance of ease of doing business reforms, Government is fully cognizant of the important role played by our entrepreneurs in promoting growth  and sustainable  development  in their various areas of endeavor, on the same note it is critical to incorporate youths ,women and  those outside the formal economy to effectively in the economy   of our beloved country,” he said.

Mnangagwa said the ease of doing business reform in Zimbabwe should not only focus on boosting the rankings of the country as an attractive economy but also target to raise levels of foreign direct investment.

“The ease of doing business reforms are aimed at restoring confidence among foreign investors and in industry and commerce and other stakeholders in the recovery of the economy to enable them to unleash their full, unfettered potential including service delivery to uplift the quality of life of our citizens,” Mnangagwa said.

“Whereas our target is to get to a respectful top 100, the goal should not just be to chase rankings but to achieve correlation between ease of doing business and increase in the number of local and foreign investors and those in the diaspora.”

He said the government would continue to “identify areas that need urgent surgical therapy to improve our investment climate” and empower local entrepreneurs, attract Zimbabweans in the diaspora and foreign investors to bring capital and technology into the country.

In the past decade, Zimbabwe has trailed its neighbors in attracting FDI and remains in the bottom five of southern African rankings on receiving foreign investment.

“What is needed is to increase the momentum of the reforms to ensure that all bottlenecks are removed for at the end of the day we should remember that capital goes where the environment is favorable and where it feels comfortable.” FinX

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