In Salt River Gentrification Often Means Eviction

By Christine Hogg

Family set to lose their home of 11 years

Noeraan Dreyer has been on a housing list for 10 years. For the past 11 years, she has lived in an old, corner building in Alfred Road, a stone's throw away from Salt River Circle and the Old Biscuit Mill. She lives with her husband, who works as a painter in the area, three children of her own, and three grandchildren. In her spare time, she bakes fancy pastries, has tea with her neighbours and goes out of her way to see her son's soccer matches.

In November, she, along with her neighbours who live in the same building, received the first unofficial notice to vacate the premises by February 2016. After not being able to find a place her family could afford, she stayed and received another notice in April 2016 telling her she has 10 days to get out.

Until recently, she received regular SMSes asking her to leave. She also received a water bill stating she owes a backlog of money that was, according to her, previously included in the rent.