Construction of Repository for Radioactive Materials Defended

Luanda — The construction of a national repository of Natural Occurrence of Radioactive Material (NORM) to protect the environment and ensure public health was advocated recently in Luanda by the director general of the Regulatory Atomic Energy Authority (AREA), Pedro Lemos.

Speaking to Angop, the expert in physics defended the construction of a deposit due to the specific characteristics of this type of material, which is present in almost all sectors of human activity such as agriculture, health, industry, construction, plants mutation and trade.

The issue concerning the material in Angola was raised in 2011 with the need to deactivate an oil rig that contained in its facilities about 800 tons of contaminated waste with Radioactive Material of Natural Occurrence produced during seven years.

The Regulatory Authority of Atomic Energy (AREA) was established in Angola in 2007 with purpose to coordinate, control and monitor the activities of the nuclear fuel cycle, as well as the actions related to the use of radioactive substances.