Kigali Introduces Car-Free Day

By: Athan Tashobya

Come Sunday, no cars will be allowed along the route connecting the Car-Free Zone to city roundabout in the Central Business District through–Sopetrad–Kimihurura–Gishushu to Stade Amahoro, the City of Kigali announced yesterday.

The affected route is KN4 Avenue—KN3 Road—KN5 Road—KG11 Avenue—KG17 Avenue. But alternative roads connecting to and fro the city centre will remain open for motorists.

The indicated highway connecting Remera to the city centre will be car-free, only permitting pedestrians and those riding bicycles from 7am to noon.

“The move is aimed at encouraging mass sports and exercise along the affected route through introducing the much anticipated green transport and green city,” according to City Mayor Monique Mukaruliza.