Time for National Construction Authority to Justify Its Existence

By John Mbaria

It is unfortunate that more than 20 people have lost their lives following the collapse of a building in Huruma, Nairobi. Everyone appears keen to take on the developer of the building. Yes, buildings do not just decide to fall; they crumble because people cut corners and fail to employ the right professionals. But this is just but one side of the story.

This disaster should be viewed from a bigger prism. It is evident that our society is fast crumbling under the weight of its contradictions. We have allowed greed to outgrow common sense and need for self-preservation. We are quick to castigate those who steal public resources, but go on to envy those who do.

Once upon a time, Nairobi had a system of wetlands that soaked in much of the rainwater and made it habitable. The wetlands were not accidents of nature; they had a purpose. Which is why the colonial government preserved most of them in the 1948 masterplan for a colonial capital.

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