Samsung’s smartphone top 15 tips of the day


Install an antivirus program on your computer and use it to check viruses on your phone regularly

SOME times one is tempted to say not having  a smartphone is not an option.  Thanks to Samsung phones, smartphones are the new trend nowadays. Its argued that most of us still treat our smartphone like our old mobile phones which only let us make calls and play ‘Snake’. Smartphones are supposed to be treated smartly and if you just follow the steps below, you can as well treat our smartphone smartly. They will help with some of the common challenges being experienced by customers.


  1. Register for a Google account and Samsung Account for access to additional services available.
  2. Don’t download suspicious applications or from unknown sources, it may harm your device.
  3. Don’t visit untrustworthy sites as these may also harm your device.
  4. Set a password on your device to restrict access from people trying to steal your information
  5. Enable Bluetooth / Wi-fi only when you need to use them to help save your battery power
  6. Utilize ‘Ultra Power Saving’ Mode for longer lasting battery power when electricity is unavailable for long periods
  7. Turn off unnecessary functions and applications when you are finished using them.
  8. Check for infection by malicious apps or downloaded files when phone begins to run slow
  9. Only use Samsung software updates as “Rooting” (non-Samsung software) may over-lock your phone
  10. Check regularly for updates and use the latest versions available which optimize your device’s functions
  11. ‘Find my mobile’ is a useful application for locating your device by GPS when misplaced.
  12. Install an antivirus program on your computer and use it to check viruses on your phone regularly
  13. Take advantage of the Samsung KNOX security solution which gives you greater security of your documents and personal files.
  14. Download and use the Smart Switch app to copy applications / settings / contacts to a new phone
  15. Download and use Smart care app from Play Store to find simple solutions to issues on the phone

On top of all these useful tips, back up your data. Backing up your data simply means keeping a duplicate data of all the data in your smartphone. There are many viruses in the internet nowadays that can just blast off your smarty pants to heaven. So if you keep a backup, then you can just not make a big deal out of it as you’ve a backup.
Know if you need the smartphone. Mostly, as a matter of fact, all the smartphones have the power of multitasking, which basically means that you can run may applications all at once. While this an advantage for many, it is a disadvantage of some of us. Mostly, we forget to shut down the applications which we’ve used and use some other applications. While on the background, the other application is running and we are not using it, it’ll only take the juices out of the smartphone. For example, many of us switch on the Bluetooth or WiFi search even though we not need it at that particular moment. So quick note: Shut down the applications correctly after using them.
Try an antivirus. If you are security conscious and still don’t trust your smart browser from protecting you from the viruses, just install an anti-virus in your smartphone. Anti-virus for smartphones are spreading like wildfire so you should get yourself one too.
Clean your smartphone. After all the inner details and giving much power to your device from inside, now look at the outer side. Your smartphone is always vulnerable to all those dusts and pollution which can damage your smart phone from inside. So you need to clean them too.

Founded back in 1969 as Samsung Electric Industries, Suwon, South Korea-headquartered Samsung Electronics today makes everything from televisions to semiconductors. It released its first Android smartphone in 2009, and can be credited with the launch of the first Android tablet back in 2010. The company is among the biggest players in the smartphone market in the world. No one does it better than Samsung

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