Grand Plan to Return the Sunshine Status to Harare

By Tapiwa Zivira

A Harare that has streets so clean that litter is seen as a taboo, a city that is so orderly and peaceful that families can -- without fear of any vagabonds -- admire the architecture while sitting on pavement benches.

Yes, a Harare with air so fresh, and an environment so friendly that it is refreshing and easygoing to spend time gallivanting down its pavements or driving around its streets -- be it for leisure or business.

This may seem like a dream, given the current chaotic state of the city, where commuter omnibuses have literally taken over the roads, while vendors -- pushed by the deepening crisis -- use the pavements to display their various goods.

Described as one of the filthiest cities in southern Africa, Harare -- once known as the sunshine city -- has become a litter bed, where mountains of uncollected refuse are found on every street corner. Stinking, poorly maintained toilets overpower the fresh air in their environs.