Construction of Cut-Off Drain in Fond Du Sac - Invitation for Proposals for Consultancy Services

Invitation for Proposals for Consultancy Services for the Design and Construction of Flood Mitigating measures at Fond du Sac was launched by the National Development Unit on 01 April 2016 and the closing date for the submission of bids is 17 May 2016. The National Development Unit has resorted to Consultancy Services in view of the complexity of the flooding problem in that locality and the need for long term measures to address the problem permanently.

This reply was given by the Prime Minister, Sir Anerood Jugnauth, in the National Assembly on 19 April 2016 to a question relating to the construction of a cut-off drain in Fond du Sac.

Sir Anerood Jugnauth added that in view of the prevailing site conditions and topography of the land, implementation of short term measures such as the construction of small drains and absorption drains will not alleviate the problem of flooding at Fond du Sac.

He underscored that at this stage, it cannot be established that the work will comprise only a cut-off drain. He added that the scope of works and measures to address the flooding problems as well as the cost of the project will be known after the detailed designs are carried out by the selected consultant.

The Prime Minister highlighted that remedial works may, among others, comprise of a combination of cut off drains, collector drains, detention ponds and roadside drains.

Furthermore Sir Anerood Jugnauth pointed out that following the floods of February 2016, 192 households were affected in Fond Du Sac and 524 persons were registered as victims. As regards Camp Carol, 20 households were affected and the number of persons registered as victims was 70, he said.

He underlined that all heads of household for the two regions were paid the allowance for flood victims at the rate of Rs165 per day per person for a maximum of 3 days as set in the First Schedule of the Social Aid Regulations 1984 and added that no contribution has been made by the private sector to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund, in the aftermath of the floods of February 2016.