Low uptake stalls Mkoba housing project


GWERU — Mkoba 21 housing project has been stalled by low uptake of stands, almost two years after the project was mooted, Financial Gazette’s Property News has learnt.
In order to start developing the houses, council requires enough financial resources, which is proving to be a major challenge for the municipality owing to the poor uptake.
Acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi, said funds for the project can only be mobilised through high uptake of stands.
“We have very few takers and the funds available are not enough to start anything. We need many takers so that we can start servicing,” Mwedzi said.
The housing scheme, which has over 21 000 stands, has also suffered a major setback as some people have withdrawn from the project owing to the delays in servicing the stands.
“The few people that had bought stands are now pulling out and we are refunding their monies due to delays and this is not good for the development of the area,” said Mwedzi.
He said plans were in place to find partners to develop the area.
George Masara, a private land developer, urged council to contract private land developers who have the finances required to implement the project.
“I do not see the reason why council should insist that they can develop Mkoba 21 (on its own) when it has failed to do so in two years. There are many land developers in Gweru who can do this job satisfactorily and in good time; people need to own properties,” Masara said.

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