This is how Shoptomydoor intends to tackle delivery challenges in Africa.

With the spread of global e-commerce and online retail sales comes the pressure to satisfy the consumer with efficient, outstanding service and fast delivery. While e-commerce offers the shopper a wide range of opportunities, delivery is most important factor which has the capacity to make or break the business and it is a function of logistics.

Most international retail companies struggle with logistics and accuracy of delivery, especially where it concerns distribution to other countries. This is where ups the ante by offering a speedy and quality delivery package. According to the CEO, Nduka Udeh, the company aims to consistently provide Africans stress free global shopping and shipping experience that brings an affordable solution to their need for quality products ranging from clothes, shoes, auto part, cars and electronics through an innovative platform.

E-commerce in Nigeria, estimated at $10 billion, could be one of the country’s economic pillars if the proposed diversification policies are driven intensely. With the unprecedented growth that the industry is witnessing, the government can leverage on it to generate more revenue in order to steer away from crude oil as the country’s sole income provider. Progressive annual growth could stimulate the growth of a non-oil economy adding to diversification in the medium to long term, analysts have said. This will come to play because small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are using the ICT driven industry to promote “made in Africa” products and marketable ideas. However, for e-commerce to attain its full potential in Nigeria, a number of tactics needs to be employed.

Nduka noted that most of what is needed to spur the growth of ecommerce “is to put in place the right strategies and ensure strict implementation, provide an enticing browsing experience across online platforms, create multi-channel offerings that will enable consumers experience your brand consistently, consider consumers shopping method of choice and invest in mobile. Mobile commerce is growing at a rate of over 130 percent annually.”

Shoptomydoor, which has made over one million deliveries so far, says it stays competitive by offering mobile accessible services such as tracking, delivery status and real-time notifications.

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