Locally assembled battery on the market

Energy storage options are set to increase as Blue Nova smart battery solutions will launch it’s locally designed and assembled energy storage solution to the market in May 2016. Blue Nova business development head James Verster expects the Lithium Iron Yttrium Phosphate (LiFeYPO4) battery will take over from lead acid batteries in the same way that LED lights took over from incandescent bulbs.

“We intend to put the batteries in the users’ hand at below 0/kW. These batteries are guaranteed to last more than 10 years, which translates into a fixed cost of energy storage of R2.50/kW for the next ten years. This is unheard off in the world of lead acid batteries, where users pay more than R7.50/kWh over 10 years,” Verster says.

Blue Nova, a subsidiary of South African Electronics company Reunert’s Reutech division, maintains the LiFeYPO4 battery is safer, more efficient, and comprises no hazardous material as there is no lead, rather 90% copper and aluminium, which can be recycled.