Budget redefined – Datsun Go

Datsun go

The Datsun has always been ahead of the curve, waiting for that one chance that will propel youngsters in their careers and futures with a vehicle simplified.

THE  return of Datsun didn’t start with what cars to launch, but with the people, the Young Risers living in high-growth markets.Remember back then in the 90s growing up seeing Datsun 120Y vehicles on the streets of Harare. We always admired the fine architecture and engineering but decades on sees the introduction of the Datsun back onto the market.

Speaking to Admire Ndumo the Marketing and Sales manager at Clover Leaf motors he said “Affordable and practical is what every parent or company owner wants so the Datsun Go is offering that to the buyer. This is a must have A- B vehicle and its priced right”

The Datsun has always been ahead of the curve, waiting for that one chance that will propel youngsters in their careers and futures with a vehicle simplified. For the young risers, mobility is both physical and social access to opportunities. They deserve nothing but a brand of their own. That’s why Datsun is returning and rising as the badge for the risers.

The Datsun brand dates back to the earliest days of Japanese car building. Datsun evolved to become an automaker recognized as Durable, Attractive and Trustworthy. More than 20 million Datsun vehicles were sold in 190 countries during its more than 50-year run. A brand supported and loved by many worldwide, this is the spirit the new Datsun brings to young risers.

Our heritage and guiding principles are reflected in the badge of the Risers. Honoring the spirit of an earlier Datsun, the center portion retains the essence of the original logo. Surrounded by a hexagon inspired by shiny bolts, the rest of the badge conveys a modern robustness and the confidence to succeed in a new world.

It has a well-built physic, which makes it outclass some of its narrow, flat-sided competitors. The wide, deeply curving shoulders on Datsun GO suggest substance and strength. And they make a nice impression on the driver behind you. Its reliability, durability and quality are must have traits and help in your decision making. Its sculptured fendersflowing smoothly into the front end, these bold, curvy fenders make a statement. It’s the kind of daring design you usually see in more expensive luxury cars.It’s crazy how the same language someone would use to describe their love for fashion are the same that I would use to describe a well-engineered vehicle…..

It has a sleek interior design classy and too nice for its price. Inside, clean, simple and modern is the key, with an emphasis on thoughtful details that reflect quality. Consider the elegant, dipping line of the dash inspired by a bird’s wing, just the right touch of silver accents, and the gearlever placed on the instrument panel in easy reach of the steering wheel, and even the clever shape of the door handles.

For a tiny car it has a responsive powertrain, obviously better than the Datsun 120Y. There’s a little bit of racecar in every Datsun GO. Its 1.2-L engine is one of the largest in its class, borrowing “perfect circle bore machining” from racecar technology to deliver class-leading power and torque. You’ll love the get-up-and-go, while a counterbalance system minimizes noise and vibration to give you a quiet, smooth ride.

The cherry on top is its frugal fuel economy. Datsun GO gets an impressive 5.2l/100km – competitive in its segment, even though Datsun GO is bigger inside and out. So for every 1 litre of petrol you can push it to about +_ 20km, now thats Christmas in April kkkkkkk. That’s a smart package priced at $13 500.00 at Clover Leaf Motors.

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