#ChibokGirls:These images portray our collective forgetfulness

                                                                          We forget a lot as a nation.

Maybe it’s more appropriate to say that we have selective amnesia and that is why we have failed to move forward as a nation. We fail to properly address issues and heal from the aftermath of unfortunate incidents. We are too quick to move on, closing the door on our past and inadvertently darkening our future.

Earlier this month, Garissa University in Kenya unveiled a plaque containing the names of the 148 students who were massacred by the Al-Shabaab terrorist group last year. Those students will forever be remembered. That is their own wall of ‘honour’ and that is what we lack in Nigeria.

We have experienced a lot of tragedy as a nation, but not once have we honored the fallen. It is not enough to protest and shed tears as we keep hope alive, the Chibok girls ought to be celebrated; they deserve to be remembered.

That realization inspired this photo shoot. I wanted to explore some of the thoughts that the Chibok girls possibly dwell on daily, being held captive in their fatherland or its neighboring countries. Hopefully, this will enable us remember that the Chibok girls and all other abductees are still missing and that they have names. Although they are yet to be found, they remain with us, every day.

It’s been two years since we were kidnapped, but time doesn’t feel within my reach.

Everyone keeps calling us “the Chibok girls” but we’re not nameless. Our names are Amina, Mary, and Hanatu.    

Two years ago, I had hoped that I’d be successful in the future. Now, I only dream of surviving…

I don’t know if we are ever going to be normal again.

I don’t know how many we are, only that some of my school mates are gone, never to be found again…

At the end of the day, what is there to hope for?

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