Electricity, Water Firms Struggle to Connect Rising Urban Population

By Bernard Busuulwa

High population growth in urban centres in Uganda between 2002 and 2014 has put pressure on providers of electricity, water and telecom services even as costs of land put off local investors.

According to the 2014 Census Report, Uganda's population stood at 34,634,650 in August 2014, of which 3,249,609 were in the municipalities.

Kampala City's population rose by 27 per cent from 1,189,142 people in 2002 to 1,507,114 people in 2014, a trend mirrored in other urban centres. This growth is attributed to massive rural-urban migration by the youth, driven by the search for jobs and more comfortable lifestyles. The consequences of this phenomenon are yet to be fully digested by local businesses, investors and policy implementation agencies.

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