SON Blames Quack Professionals for Collapsed Building

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has stated that the building materials used in the construction of the five storey building, which collapsed in Lekki will be thoroughly investigated, also warning that if the building materials used are found wanting, the suppliers will be severely dealt with by the law.

The Director, Inspectorate and Compliance, SON, Mr. Bede Obayi, explained that ‎the building built on a reclaimed land and less than 50 metres away from the sea was built by non professionals, which he said did not take into consideration the necessary requirements before embarking on the structure.

According to him, "We have noticed that just behind the collapsed building, there are reclaiming efforts being made to reclaim lands from the sea which is not up to 50 metres away from the collapsed building and when you reclaim a structure from such a site, it has to undergo a lot of preparation before you put up structures, there must Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) on the site and the site also has to be possessed and retained for sometime before embarking on such construction."