North West Government On Construction of New Infrastructure

New infrastructure for Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre now underway

The much anticipated construction of new Hotel School facilities is officially underway, this was evident when the principal agents and architects Botaki & Associates (PTY) LTD recently handed over various construction sites to various contractors to begin setting up shop for the seventy (70) million rand project to officially commence at the Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre in Taung.

Setting the tone during the construction sites hand over briefing session with all relevant parties involved, Head of North West Department of Tourism, Adv. Neo Sephoti emphasized to contractors that no shoddy work will be accepted and that the provincial government expects a quality infrastructure which will still be standing and in good condition for years to come.

"These are public funds and as a department and the people of this province, we will not compromise on quality. We will insist on regular quality checks because if anything does not meet the required quality standards it will impact on us as a government not the contractors", Adv. Sephoti said.

Adv. Sephoti also urged with contractors to first consider using local labourers before employing people from outside the area. She said that the provincial government wants to improve the lives of people in rural towns through socio-economic promotion of Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies (VSTD) whereby a certain expenditure of any project in the province must be spent in that particular village, township or small dorpies.

"In order for this to be realized, we really need to urge you as contractors to use local labour and spend as much money as possible locally so that through this project you can assist us in ensuring that there is visible, viable and sustainable socio-economic impact in the area of Taung and its surrounding small rural dorpies of the North West Province", she said.

Deputy Rector of the Institution, Herman Phetlhe said that he was excited that this project has finally started. He said that the project will see the Taung Hotel School and Convention Centre being transformed onto a world class academy with world class facilities which will enable the institution to cater for more students from anywhere in the world.