Saraki On Trial: This is how the Nigerian Senate President could be free of all the allegations against him

What can wash away Saraki’s sins? Prayer maybe?

The Nigerian Senate President, Bukola Saraki has been engulfed in allegations of corruption since 2015. It became clear that he would probably not be able to wriggle his way out when he had to appear at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), where he was charged with 13 counts of corruption, which included false declaration of assets and conversion of government property.

Maybe Saraki initially thought that decamping to APC (which is the ruling party) from PDP, a political party of which he was a staunch member was enough to hide his sins. However, this was hardly how it played out as he was arrested and served a bench warrant in September 2015. Saraki hired about 80 lawyers for his redemption, but his ‘saviours’ were only able to stall the trial for a while. As such he is back in the box at the CCT and he’s not looking good.

Here are some of the Senate President’s biggest worries and possible ‘prayer points’:

How to cover up the salaries and pension he received four years after his tenure as governor ended

If there’s any urgent miracle Bukola Saraki can pray/bid for, it is for a ‘supernatural blindfold.’ The ability to bandage the judge’s eyes from seeing the evidence against him by Micheal Wetkast, who tendered statements from various bank accounts said to have been maintained by Mr. Saraki to prove that the Senate President continued receiving salaries and pension as the governor till 2015, even though he left office in 2011.

Bukola Saraki was probably sweating and cursing under his breath as his Naira, Dollar and Pounds account numbers and statements of accounts were made public. Wetkast also alleged that numerous transactions were made to Saraki’s account on a daily basis. Although the Kwara State government has “dismissed the allegations as false and misleading,” Saraki may not be able to bank on that.

May the name ‘Saraki’ suddenly disappear from #PanamaPapers

Everyone wants to be world famous; however, no one wants to be famous for corruption. This is the premise for Saraki’s second most important prayer, “let my name be erased (by fire, thunder or hailstone) from this Panama Papers,” he will probably complain a bit “if the fourth biggest law firm could be hacked, then maybe the world is coming to an end.”

Ultimately, Saraki will pray hard to be erased from several linkages to the leaked document that is making waves all over the world. The Panama Papers allegedly exposed his undeclared assets in “secret offshore territories” and his brother’s connection with Kojo Annan, one of the biggest African  names on the list.

Resignation or impeachment? None please!

With the corruption allegations that Saraki is facing, a lot of factions, including his colleagues are asking for his resignation or impeachment (if he fails to resign). In a poll by  Sahara Reporters, over 70 percent of the 3,000 people who took the poll on Twitter called for his resignation. While some of his colleagues have promised to stand by him during these ‘trying times,’ some have asked the Senate President to consider the option of resigning from his post.

How should Saraki handle this? Pray brother, pray fervently, that though your “sins are like scarlet, they be white as snow.” After all, this is Nigeria, anything can happen…

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