And the blackout continues…


The nation’s electricity got worse on Tuesday after two additional power-generating plants, the Shiroro Power Station in Niger State and the Sapele II in Delta State, had to be shut down. Now, the total number of plants not generating any megawatts of electricity has risen to 10.

Shiroro, has the capacity to produce about 600MW, but one of its units, the 411G1, has been on an emergency shut down, while the 411G2 and 3 units are out for underwater repairs. Also its fourth unit, the 411G4 is down for maintenance.

Total national power generation stood at 2,774.2MW on Tuesday, down from 3,657.5MW on March 31. Generation from Egbin, the nation’s biggest power station, was limited to 415MW due to gas constraints, down from 1,085MW on March 15.

The fall in power generation has gotten worse as many parts of the country are going through a total blackout, affecting businesses nationwide.

Shell’s Afam VI power plant generated the highest megawatts of electricity, producing 418MW as of 6am this morning, according to the data available.

The plants unable to generate any megawatts of electricity include Sapele, Delta State, whose capacity was set at 240MW; Olorunsogo II in Ogun State, with a capacity of 625MW; Rivers IPP (180MW) and Trans-Amadi (75MW), both in Rivers State.

Sapele’s units were said to be shut down due to gas constraints, tripping, maintenance and a major overhaul, amongst other reasons.

The Rivers IPP’s GT1 production unit is out due to gas constraints, while Trans-Amadi’s GT1 and 4 units are down due to line constraints; Its GT2 unit isn’t working because of gas constraints and its GT3 unit is currently undergoing necessary maintenance.

Asco’s GT1 unit was shut down due to a fire outbreak while Olorunsogo’s GT1 to 4 and ST2 units were shut due to gas constraints and its ST1 unit is under maintenance.

Geregu’s three units were shut due to outage and to enable them to undergo major repairs and maintenance, while a unit of Afam IV & V has been de-commissioned and scrapped; four were out due to blade failure and two, due to a burnt generator transformer.

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