GTAXI answer to your transport problems


Just because it makes sense…


A NEW taxi service, GTAXI, was launched in Harare last week on Thursday with a fleet of fifteen Toyta Camry vehicles, easily recognizable for their white and black color and branding.

GTAXI brings cutting edge taxi management technology, including: iPhone and Android in-app ordering. Once a customer downloads the app, they will press the G icon on their device, and the device will determine customer location and confirm the order.

The app will then provide the customer with the vehicle license plate number and the driver contact will dispatch the nearest taxi to the customer location, provide real time status on vehicle location, exact fare estimate to the destination and notify the customer when the taxi arrives.

One can do on-line ordering with the same functionality at 24/7 service and dispatcher support should any issues arise

GTAXI provide Real time GPS tracking and video recording to assure customer safety. Payments can be done through cash or credit card payments

With this facility vehicles can also be pre-ordered in advance for a specific time. Each vehicle is equipped with an integrated navigation system that will guide the driver to the pick-up and drop-off point via the shortest route, taking into account traffic conditions. The pricing of the service will be consistent with the prevailing market rates.

Customers flying in can order a taxi in advance for an airport pick up.

“Our proprietary software integrates FlightTracker™ technology so that in case of a delay the taxi is dispatched at the actual arrival time,” said GTAXI.

“To assure customer safety, the company will provide constant monitoring of vehicle locations, as well as regularly monitor the driving habits of each driver vehiclespeed.GTAXI has a large team of drivers who are well vetted and trained. As a precautionary measure, the drivers are also tested for alcohol consumption at the beginning and end of each shift,” they said.

GTAXI says it recognizes that it is entering a highly competitive market with hundreds of current operators and says it seek to capitalize on the inefficiencies of the current model, by providing centralized dispatch and multiple vehicles to assure that with a click of a button or a phone call, a customer is able to have a superior driving experience anytime day or night.

Customers flying in can order a taxi in advance for an airport pick up.

Customers flying in can order a taxi in advance for an airport pick up.

“All our vehicles are tested for road worthiness on a regular basis and are in line with the local AA requirements. For safety purposes, car seats are provided for those that would like to be transported with/without their children (school runs),” GTAXI said.

By being the most reliable service in the country GTAXI seek to earn customer loyalty and will endeavor to solve the common logistical problems customers experience when arriving or departing from the airport during the late hours of the night and the early hours of the morning or getting home from a restaurant or a party after the temptation of wine was too hard to resist

They also aim to ensure children get to and from school safely, when the family car is not available.

All vehicles are equipped with working air conditioning for the comfort of the body, and are kept clean and well repaired for the comfort of the soul.

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