Singing in the rainforest with the San Bushmen of Namibia: This is one of the most beautiful videos you’ll ever see

A music video showcasing a collaboration between English musician, Charlie Simpson, and the Khoisan tribe of Namibia, also known as San Bushmen, is melting hearts across the globe. So far, the video titled “Walking with the San” has garnered over a million views and thousands of shares on Facebook. The production is part of a television series called ‘Singing in the Rainforest.’

The show takes prominent artists out of familiar spaces and challenges them to saturate themselves in a different culture for a week. “The musicians will be fully immersed in the tribe’s way of life, rituals and customs and, most importantly, their musical culture. In turn, the artists will expose the tribe to the music they are famous for,” one can simply describe this as the ultimate culture swap experiment.

Towards the end of the series, the visiting musicians will collaborate with their host tribes to create a piece of music that will be played in a grand finale concert for the village and its neighbours. Then the recorded track will then be made available for download, with the profit of sales going to the tribe. So far, “Singing in the Rainforest” has taken well-known bands and artistes, like Myleene Klass, Scouting for Girls and Happy Mondays, to indigenous tribes in Africa, South America, Oceania and New Guinea.

Credit - The Telegraph
Credit – The Telegraph

Regarding the experience, Charlie Simpson says he was astonished by the musical ability of the San Bushmen, “… they are great singers, very rhythmical people…with a great knack for melody.” The series, particularly the episode with the Khoisan tribe, have gotten rave reviews from several media outlets.

“Taking Western music to the tribe of the oldest people on earth. It was potent and deeply emotional: an experiment that could have been tasteless was, thanks to the open-hearted and generous spirits of the San and the empathetic warmth of Charlie Simpson, a joyous triumph and a glorious reminder of what binds us all together as humans – whatever our tribe.” – The Telegraph

I couldn’t agree more, the blend of two diverse musical cultures is brilliant. And what’s more, the outcome is beautiful and heart-warming.

Watch video of Charlie Simpson’s “Singing in the Rainforest” – Walking with the San below:

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