Council intensify water disconnections


City of Harare acting corporate communications manager, Michael Chideme

CITY of Harare is intensifying water disconnections and issuance of summons to all residents and corporates whose bills are in arrears.

In a statement on Wednesday, City of Harare acting corporate communications manager, Michael Chideme, said residents in debt must approach the  local authority to negotiate payment plans.

“All debtors are urged to make payment arrangements with council to offset their debts,” he said.

“Residents and ratepayers should pay their current monthly bills while they make payment arrangements to offset their debts to avoid inconveniences such as water disconnections and property attachments.”

He said council revenue officers around the city have been instructed to accept all payments.

“People intending to make payments will not be turned away.Council needs all residents to be rate compliant for it to be able to discharge its service delivery mandate,” said Chideme.

The Local authority is owed over US$400 million, a development that is impacting negatively on capacity to provide the desired services.

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