Africa’s mobile use is booming and the Neumob Accelerator SDK is about to make it even ten times better!

On March 22, renowned application accelerator company Neumob expanded its global reach and services even further by newly launching its presence and the Neumob Accelerator SDK in Africa – Kenya; Nigeria, and South Africa to boost mobile application traffic for mobile developers and give application users a smooth experience. With this launch, mobile developers in Africa can tap into the lucrative ‘mobile-first’ ecosystem and witness the boosting of applications’ performance by 10 times their usual speed.

For businesses in Africa that need to deliver mobile apps to their users faster, more reliably and more securely to any targeted mobile audience, on any network, the Neumob’s Accelerator SDK is the answer, as it speeds up the load times, reliability, and performance of mobile applications anywhere in the world and helps application developers to keep their hard-won users and realise maximum revenues. To use, developers simply need to install two lines of code into their application, and instantly gain access to Neumob’s world-class, 55+ POP global app acceleration network.

Neumob which is supported by Silicon Valley top shots such as Rich Wong at Accel and Nihal Mehta (founding partner at Eniac, whose portfolio includes several unicorns like Airbnb and Uber) amongst other big names is already present in 5- metropolitan regions in the world such as India, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The company is also responsible for creating the most efficient network to speed up application loading worldwide and generate high income for mobile companies.

As Africa’s mobile use continues to grow and the smartphone and mobile application economy explodes, it has becoming vital for application developers to ensure that their users have a quick, smooth app experience, and don’t abandon the app or turn to a competitor after experiencing slow load times or latency.

“With powerhouses like Facebook, Uber and Netflix recently expanding into Africa, Neumob’s launch in the region could not be better timed,” says Neumob CEO and founder Jeff Kim. According to him, “Developers are scrambling to acquire their share of this huge potential user base, and by combining a hyper-local presence with a larger global network, Neumob makes it easy for developers to provide a better, faster application experience to boost application retention rates.”

Nigeria and South Africa which have a mobile penetration of close to 90 percent as well as the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa which is the world’s third-largest mobile market already present a viable market for the accelerator to operate in. The goal of the company’s presence in Africa is to speed up load times and performance for the most popular applications in the region, like Uber and Whatsapp – as well as applications created by African companies like South Africa’s WumDrop and 2go.

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