Petrol bomb thrown at MyCiTi bus station during Dunoon protests

Tammy Petersen, News24

Cape Town - Authorities are out in their numbers in Dunoon after attempted land grabs resulted in unrest in the area over the long weekend.

Metro Police Deputy Chief Yolande Faro said the area was relatively quiet after tyres were set alight on Potsdam Road on Tuesday, resulting in its temporary closure.

City of Cape Town units have been on the scene since Friday after backyarders attempted to invade pockets of land in and around the area, where they set up structures on private property belonging to Greenacres farm owners.

When their plans were thwarted by the authorities, disgruntled residents apparently took to the N7 and attacked the Dunoon MyCiTi bus station and threw stones at passing vehicles.

On Monday night, Metro Police fired shotgun rubber rounds to prevent protesters from further damaging a MyCiTi bus station and attacking officers.

Stun grenades were also used by police as protesters hurled stones.

A petrol bomb was also thrown at a MyCiTi bus station.

Four law enforcement vehicles were also damaged by stone throwers at the weekend.

Faro said the City units would remain on the scene, while traffic services were monitoring the roads.