Nissan unleashes Urvan NV350


The Nissan NV350 Impendulo’s ultra rigid body provides strength and stability in all conditions.

BACK in the eighties into the nineties we never had mini busses to take us from point A to B, just cabs and big Zupco buses driving to and from the city. Well now it’s a different story all together, we have mini buses in all sizes from your 10 seater to the famous 18 seater which is populary know as combi.
Sitting on the showroom floor of Nissan Clover Leaf Motors is a legend in passenger transportation.
The Nissan Urvan NV350, comes with all the comfort, space and economy which both corporates or individuals will enjoy. It was first introduced as the Nissan E20 in 1973 and today carries a strong sense of nostalgia, and is remembered as one of the most legendary products of its time.
The Nissan E20 was the great symbol of the Golden City on the move. From Noord Street to Meadowlands, from Isando to Mamelodi in South Africa, fleets of these tough and reliable vehicles streamed the highways and bi-ways and even went as far as the most inhospitable rural areas.
This legend grew in all parts of South Africa before spilling over into Zimbabwe. Years on, revamped and eager to take the city roads and highways, Admire Ndumo and the Sales teams at Nissan CloverLeaf Motors in Mutare Road in Masasa are ready to upgrade transport operators and add to corporate fleets the Nissan Urvan NV350 Impendulo.
With exceptional fuel economy, a spacious and comfortable passenger area, dynamic bold styling and safety, the Nissan Urvan NV350 Impendulo is the destination of choice for taxi operators who demand the best, both for their business and for their customers.
The bold, dynamic looks of the Nissan NV350 Impendulo, with its angled strut grille, create a powerful presence that shows you mean business. Inside, the generously sized driver’s cabin is designed to be comfortable, appealing and, above all, functional.
A multi-functional instrument display is positioned centrally for increased visibility of the gauges and indicators.Large, thoughtfully designed storage pockets and drink holders complete the practicality of the driver’s cabin, offering an attractive and functional workplace for any driver.
Designed to carry 16 passengers and a driver in comfort, the Nissan Urvan NV350 Impendulo offers comfortable passenger seats with an easy-fold aisle seat to make entry and exit effortless, as does the large sliding door which opens high and wide. Convenience and comfort is enhanced with stylish side windows and back rests.
With more space and legroom for passengers wherever they sit, every trip is a pleasure. A turbo powered 2.5 litre diesel engine ensures the Nissan NV350 Impendulo offers incredible economy along with the power to get the job done.
Together with its 5-speed manual transmission, smooth and responsive acceleration from start to cruising speed ensures you deliver your customers to their destinations efficiently and reliably every time.
The Nissan NV350 Impendulo’s ultra rigid body provides strength and stability in all conditions. Safety is maximised with ABS, Brake Assist, driver and passenger air-bags as well as a Zone Body Structure that consists of safety and crushable zones. Getting your customers from A to B — and back again — safely and reliably every time.This is not just any mini bus or Combi, its luxury with a capital letter L. For pricing and availability see the sales team at Nissan Clover Leaf Motors. It’s priced from US$49 900.

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