Here are some of GADO’s remarkable editorial cartoons

Godfrey Mwapembwa better known locally and worldwide as GADO was an editorial cartoonist for The Nation Media Group (NMG), which is touted to be the largest East African media group. Known for his bold, witty and hilarious cartoons that have brought him fame. However he has recently been involved in someconflict with the powers that be, the news of his sack from the newspaper company after 23 years came to many as a shock.

The news also came as a surprise to GADO who said he went “blank” when he received the news that his appointment has been terminated. Although he knew that his cartoons have not made him the best of friends with the people in government, he was not bothered because of the support system at The Nation. “I had got used to the complaints from those in positions of power because I knew my employer, above all else, had my back.”

However, according to news sources, the management of the Nation Media Group could no longer defend GADO because they have allegedly been bought over by the government who finds GADO journalistic opinions irritating. The cartoon that reportedly led to the famed cartoonist’s exit from The Nation was that of the former President of Tanzania, Jakaya Kiwete.

The controversial cartoon depicting the seven sins of the Tanzanian government.

The cartoon depicts the atrocities that the Tanzanian government was being accused of at the time. According to Business Today, which reported on the incidence, “The response from Dar es Salaam was immediate.” The NMG’s newspaper- The East African was shut down in Tanzania. In order to appease Tanzanian government, the senior management of NMG offered to take some “action” against GADO.

GADO’s exit from NMG may not do much to silence him as he pledges to continue to use humour to draw attention to the ills of the society. “I have freedom of choice; I will always find a way. Some subjects are tough; you struggle with them but in the end you always find a way to draw and add humor,” he says.







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