South African Start-up Eduze Attracts TED as Lead Investor

Johannesburg - South African tech start-up Eduze today announced a partnership and investment from non-profit TED.

Eduze is already making waves in the digital content industry, attracting attention to and in interest its strategy: ‘Great digital content. Done right’.

The company mission to provide all Africans with equal access to reliable, relevant, and uplifting free content that is entertaining, educational and informative struck a serious chord with the non-profit TED whose, own mission is “Ideas worth spreading”.

Frustrated by the slow data speeds and high costs which characterise the African connectivity landscape, Eduze set out to develop a unique Wi-Fi- based technology, called Cloud in a Box or CLOX.

CLOX allows users to browse, stream and download digital content without using any data. Eduze users can download a movie in about five minute, an album in about one minute and stream with no buffering - all with no data charges.

Deron Triff, TED’s Head of Media Distribution, commented: “Eduze has pioneered something extraordinary—thanks to its technology, for the first time, entire swaths of the global population will have the ability to connect and explore, to discover and learn. It’s exactly this kind of breakthrough in connectivity we seek in our work to spread ideas to the far corners of the world.”

Eduze MD, Charlie Beuthin, said: ‘We share TED’s vision – to provide users a digital experience that is compelling, meaningful and accessible. Where local book libraries offer cost- and risk-free books, we hope to do the same with digital content. We aim to offer African content producers an innovative and commercially viable new distribution channel. Our first pilots are underway, and we look forward to an exciting and progressive year.’

Eduze has run pilots with Amogaleng Buses, Tshwane University of Technology, Maboneng Precinct and many more. These successful trials have seen dwell times of over twenty minutes per user. With a focus on both education and entertainment content, the company is now launching across schools.

In schools, curated TED Talks are a highlight of the offering, to ensuring that learners have a rounded experience and gaining first-hand knowledge, and insight from TED’s incredible speakers. Eduze has lined up agreements with global and African content publishers to provide the finest range of digital content available to schools. Careers counselling will be offered as part of Eduze’s refined content offering, all focused on its unique edutainment approach.

‘We want to speak to learners in a fresh and inspirational way’, says Beuthin. ‘Our research and experience shows that learners need new hope and direction; they get told how to pass exams but given no idea why they should try pass the exams – what can come afterwards. It’s obvious that the digital provision of content is key, but it’s more than that. It’s about a compelling content offering, provided in a convenient, affordable, fun manner that feeds from a student’s natural curiosity.”

Eduze will have extensive offerings launching across the full range of schools subjects with a particular focus on maths and science. As part of its English ‘immersion’ language acquisition programme, Eduze offers schools access to relevant movies, music, animated series and more.

Eduze is presently launching across South Africa - with plans to launch across the continent, with a specific focus on Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.